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It’s time to face some tough facts that people do not want to hear but they remain facts regardless of opinion. Mitt Romney is an establishment candidate that has an extremely poor record of flip flopping on issues . So much so, there is in fact websites dedicated to keeping up with all of his flip flopping ways. Rick Perry not only worked for/with Al Gore in the 90’s but he also believes we should have a NAFTA super highwway and wouldn’t lose any sleep over the US losing its sovereignty. Michelle Bachmann? The only thing she has accomplished thus far is look somewhat attractive while spitting out typical political jargon and witty one liners (most all of which are merely echoing the sentiment and spirit of what Dr. Paul has been saying for 30+ years). Simply put she and almost every other candidate, with the exception of Dr. Paul, are either an unknown quantity and have not had enough time and experience to get us out of this mess or a known quantity that has NOT lived up to campaign promises. This is NOT a time to pick an unknown or an obvious liar. This is perhaps the most important election in American history. To support anyone other than Dr. Paul is to display a lack of understanding in either history, economics or common sense. One of the things that has made this country so special is our right to choose and our right to debate the issues. Obviously with that being said, I firmly believe in a persons right to choose the candidate that they believe will be the best for this country. What I do not believe in is people choosing that candidate without being fully aware of the bigger picture. In the current state of the union, why on earth would anyone want to take a chance on something when there is in fact a sure thing. Michelle Bachmann has the makings of a potential leader sometime down the road. Mrs. Bachmann, as well as the rest of the herd of hopefuls,  is absolutely and unquestionably not qualified for the task at hand. It would be like having a low level programmer compete with Steve Jobs for his position at Apple (who by the way  had more cash on hand than the US government before the latest atrocity of a “bailout”). It just doesn’t compute. Legalize Freedom. Legalize Liberty. Re-instate the Constitution. Ignite the Brushfire of Freedom in the shackled minds of men. Dr. Ron Paul for President 2012.